Mangroves are the first national project to provide care and support services to people living with AIDS and patients. The mangrove mission is guided by the GIPA principle, to improve and improve the living conditions and quality of life of infected persons through social advocacy, local project support, organization, design and implementation of projects, information exchange and capacity training; the goal of mangrove forests is to build mangrove forests with the ability to provide technology for local projects (teams)

, funding, information support, a resource centre for direct counselling and services for infected persons, as a basis for the development and consolidation of mangrove support networks capable of responding quickly and effectively to the needs of infected persons. Since its inception in early 2002, mangrove forest after more than a year of work, has been in capacity-building, network construction and development, advocacy activities, support local projects, such as four major output direction to do a lot of work, but also achieved certain achievements, relying on all aspects of support and all over the infected people, volunteer participation, The initial establishment of mangrove support network, strengthen the response of the needs of infected people, improve their awareness of their own needs and rights in the community, in the AIDS-infected, society, and even internationally, mangroves in China, the self-help activities and infected persons care, The field of support activity has a fairly high degree of visibility and social